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If you take photos

Are you a sharp shooter? Do your sharp shots end up disappearing into the ether never to be seen again?

If you’d like them to last longer than a finger scroll on Instagram, we’ll help you give them a life. And you the chance to earn some money and exposure.

How it works
Brands are always looking for good images to use in things like ad campaigns, websites and brochures. And they pay good money to use them, usually to stock libraries.

The problem is the really good stock libraries are difficult to break into if you’re not a ‘professional’. And the return can be somewhat, dare we say, lopsided. And the not-so-good ones charge peanuts for the pictures (leaving you with just a few measly crumbs).

So Exposure is a new photo library, with a new model. We’re putting photographers first. Sell a picture through us and you’ll get most of the money. 

What we’re after
We’re looking for great real-life photos, not shots that look staged. When you submit your photos, we have a quality team who check they’re right for us.

What you get
You’ll get our own mini-portfolio page to show off your work.

If you’re a professional, it’s a place to promote some of your extra or out-of-licence images. (You know, those ones gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere.)

If you’re not (yet), it’s a chance to get your work out there, and make a bit of money – and the chance to be commissioned.

And you might be spotted by one of our guest professionals, who’ll be sifting through the images making sure they’re right for our site.

If you need photos

There are three big benefits of Exposure.

First, our photos are really easy to buy. There’s one price, one licence, and one download.

Second, you get the quality of rights-managed shots at royalty-free prices.

And finally, our quality control means instead of pages of cheesy staged shots, you’ll get photos that feel real, because they are real.

Why we do it?
We’re all from the communications industry and know it inside out.

So, we’ve flipped the financial model of the typical photo library, with more of the money going to support photographers themselves. (We can do that because we’re not owned by VCs or accountable to a board of suits.)

Because of our approach:
– buyers get their hands on all kinds of images you can’t find anywhere else, exposure to rising stars and access to the back catalogue of professional photographers. 

– photographers make a decent return, so they can go out and take more super shots.

Read more about our ethos in our whitepaper here:

Exposure Images Ltd_Whitepaper_Time for a rethink?



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